For those who like to play.

As a public place, my primary goal is, to let the public in me. As I am aware of all obstacles that comes among the journey of unifying the great humankind, I have founded a simple solution to overcome the problem of humans biggest underestimated daily habit; the vocal communication. Why would you communicate, if what you say have been said? Why would you communicate if you can play? I have been told that changing humans’ habits could end up in a situation of distress, I have been told people don’t like to be told otherwise. So I understand that the habit of communication is rooted deep into the human mainframe and so you might hear a good old laughter, or some simple chattering. Because I am dressed up as a public place, and I have to make sure I won’t be a place of big distress. I find this ok. This is ok. A fair portion of laughter is proven to be healthy.

Following a list of games that I, dressed up as a public place, have made available. This couldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Delfts most precious game store Speldorado at the Hipolytusbuurt in my hometown Delft and of course my superb choice of fun games.

  • – Wingspan
  • – Terraforming Mars
  • – Pandemic
  • – Azul
  • – If Then, my own game
  • – New York zoo
  • – Saboteur
  • – And so on…