For those who need a desk.


Interested in working together in a beautiful inspiring environment?

Feel free to stop by and take a look. If you would like to try a trial run or have any questions, you can reach us at or +31 15 2512844

The following is what you can expect from the workplace (coworking):
– Use of screen, good chair, keyboard and printer
– Free coffee or tea
– A free Friday afternoon drink with your new friends

 {item: ’1  day/week, price per month’, price: 65}, 
 {item: ’2  day/week, price per month’, price: 125}, 
 {item: ’3  day/week, price per month’,  price: 175}, 
 {item: ’4+ day/week, price per month’,  price: 225}, 

// all coworking prices are excluding of VAT 21%