For those who don't know me

Hi! I’m if then, I am alcoholic… just kidding. I am a fictional person dressed as a public place. 


I have been taught that, as a public space, I must be hospitable, and that people in holland are hospitable by serving coffee. So, I learned to make coffee. I have understood that people like to make their own choices and they like to have a strong opinion about their choices. I have learned that this is ok. So, I also understood that people need to eat, so I make two types of food, breakfast and lunch. The best breakfast and lunch, some might say. So, people who make the effort of visiting me and consuming my products will have to pay for this. So I’ve been told; if some consumes then they pay. 

The concept of money is almost completely unclear to me and so I act according to what I have been instructed. I did understand that money can be earned by staring at a screen all day. So, to complete the picture, I have also created space in me with desks, screens, and a nice atmosphere, so you can watch the screen all day, so that the money, that is needed, can be earned.

In addition, I have conducted studies that humans are group animals, although I can’t quite imagine this myself. But it’s not about me. I am dressed up as a public space and I have to serve. So, I am very happy to serve the Friday afternoon drinks, and I will open my doors to the most interesting lectures to tickle your brains. So maybe one day you will dressed up as a public space too, just like me.

In addition, I have a wide variety of games that can be played. I’ve learned from research that people who do a fair amount of screen staring on a daily basis would rather play a game with each other than talk intimately about their inner feelings. that’s why I have set in me a number of large tables where one can sit down to eat, play, and whatever else you all want to do with it.

So.. I’m if then. Who are you?

ps. I don’t like surprises, a great mind once said, repetition is the best weapon against surprises, so just that you know.